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UK Investments

Cavendish Investments particular niches are:

The London market where Cavendish Investments has excelled in a very competitive environment, Cavendish Investment clients benefit from a strong offering of ‘off market’ assets.

Cavendish Investments recent focus is on international flows with an emphasis on Chinese and Asian investors now focused on Europe.

Cavendish Investments is now offering the German market where they have engaged with seasoned market professionals who are able to effectively source assets from this highly regionalised country.

T h e  T e a m


R a m e s h  N a d a r a j a h

Ramesh Nadarajah, is the founder of Cavendish Investments; his main focus is the sourcing of ‘off market’ deals. Ramesh is a property investment specialist with 25 years experience in the Prime and Greater London property markets. He has established long-term relationships and facilitated a wide spectrum of property deals with a speciality in sourcing ‘off market’ opportunities.

S i m o n G r e e n s p a n

Simon Greenspan manages many of Cavendish Investment’s retained clients sourcing off-market commercial and residential opportunities. Simon comes to Cavendish following a trading career in the City of London.

H e i n o  V o c k r o d t

Heino Vockrodt manages Cavendish Investment’s complex transactions applying his structured finance expertise, having spent 15 years at CSFB as an investment banker. Heino worked in Zurich and has been in London since 1995.

R u p e r t  H a r r i s o n

Rupert is responsible for the German market initiative. Rupert has over 30 years experience as a funds-raising and structuring specialist in financial markets; including at Citi and Eurohypo.


Wendy Gallagher
Wendy Gallagher manages Cavendish Investment’s Asian relationships and brings Asian investors to the Cavendish Investment platform. Wendy has a financial publishing background and spent 25 years at Euromoney Institutional Investor, latterly as the Asian Publisher for Institutional Investor magazine.
Sriram Pathmarajah
Sriram Pathmarajah manages new ventures at Cavendish working with the team and has a focus on the planning, feasibility and design phases. Sriram has an accounting background and has worked in the property business for over 5 years.
Aravin Mahendran
Aravin Mahendran has for 9 years been involved in commercial property with a focus on leisure assets; in particular the acquisition and management of playing fields, sports clubs, bars and restaurants.